Casa Hogar Corazon Valiente will promote an environment, where every child has the opportunity to lead a childhood free from abuse, discrimination and poverty.


We are the voice in action. We will join forces with local authorities and the community to provide a chance of a new start for abandoned and neglected girls. We will give them access to quality education, arrange for the necessary health services and, above all, the opportunity to grow up healthy and happy in a safe, loving, warm and familial environment.


Rodney Dye founded Casa Hogar Corazon Valiente in 2014 after meeting with the Mexican Social Service Agency DIF.  He was informed of a critical need within the Mexican state of Guanajuato for an additional home supporting girls from the ages of six to thirteen who had been abandoned, abused or neglected.


Rodney, through working for four years with the other Casas Hogar in San Miguel de Allende, have gained extensive knowledge of their operations and administration.  They witnessed and assisted new girls that were assigned to the home and soon realized that these girls, in addition to a safe place to stay, also needed help with psychological, educational, health, and wellbeing issues in order to become whole, stable children of our society.


In addition, Amigos of the Children of San Miguel, Inc., a 501 C-3 nonprofit Texas corporation, has been helping abandoned girls of San Miguel for the past four years and will continue to do so by supporting Casa Hogar Corazon Valiente.  Billy Tiblets is the treasurer and co-founder of Amigos of the Children of San Miguel.  His willingness to commit time, energy, and personal resources are key factors in our organization’s financial strength and stability.


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