My career was working  for a major communication company in the United States.  My assignments  were focused on Administration, finance, and customer service.  My responsibilities and focus were on  transparency  and providing our customers with the best products and services available.  I will take this knowledge and experiences and apply my skills to running Casa Hogar Corazon Valliente in the same manner.


My interest in San Rafael and San Miguel community is to provide a home for  children in need that  have been abandoned and neglected  by their birth parents.  I want to see these children given a second chance in life and provide them with safe housing, quality education and the best health care available.


My contribution to CHCV will be my time, energy and knowledge to provide these children with a quality of life that will change and shape their future life

I  expect CHCV in the future to become a  safe home for abandoned and neglected  girls and boys of the  San Miguel community.  The campus will overflow with  laughter and happiness and children will enjoy the best education and health care and wellbeing  that  is available.  These children will have a bright future and will break the chain of poverty that exist here in Mexico.


They say it takes a “Village to raise a child”  at CHCV it will take the SMA community, government agencies and the many citizens  of the world that vacation here in San Miguel to make our DREAM a reality.



I was born and grew up in Mexico City where I married and had 4 children. I worked for Lancôme, the 3M Company, and Cyanamid Labs until we moved to Chihuahua. During the 13 years I remained in Chihuahua, I worked for Hallmark Cards, Inc. managing over 1,300 employees. 15 years ago, I moved to San Miguel de Allende, where I managed over 200 employees at the Guajuye Glass Factory as Plant Manager. Later, I began working for Casas de San Miguel until 2003, when my business partner, Peggy Blocker, and I bought the Management portion of this business.


As a former Board Member and Treasurer of San Miguel's Biblioteca, I brought a four-year deficit into the black in a single year. I also served as Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice President of AMPI San Miguel, the National Real Estate Association of Mexico and now serve as the new 2015 President.



Originaria de Huston, Texas, he trabajado para el Hotel Hyatt Regency en Huston y fui socia del Hotel Crockett en San Antonio, donde viví con mi hija Layne Schuette. Fuí dueña de mi negocio de Antigüedades por 20 años antes de mudarme a San Miguel. Hablo Español de manera fluida, ya que crecí en Argentina y Venezuela.


Por muchos años viaje frecuentemente a San Miguel, y decidí mudarme aqui cuando conocí a mi socia Graciela Loyola y compramos la parte de "Administración" de Casas de San Miguel. Actualmente cumplo mi 5to mandato como miembro del Patronato Pro Niños y fuí Vice Presidenta de AMPI San Miguel en 2014.



Been in San Miguel Allende for the past 17 years, after finishing my degree as a master in architecture and urbanism in Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Queretaro, I became part of San Miguel Management C. where I am currently working full time. We are in charge of  more than 110 properties with a team formed by 12 members. I am directly responsible of construction, remodeling or maintenance in the homes we manage. Due to my job  I came to Casa Hogar I started a construction beside CHSJ and met the Girls and Dominicans while doing this project.


I have been participating as a volunteer and in the program of big sister with Ma. Guadalupe Sanabria for the past 3 years, it is been great being part of her life and she has made me seen and rediscover the world with different eyes. I am thankful for being part of this family and now I cannot imagine my life without all this girls.


Last year I became an active member of the advisory board as the Mexican co-director.


I have been working with young girls for many years, I was a camper and a camp counselor for 10 years in the northeast area in USA had coordinated the teenagers groups, head of trips. Head of arts and crafts department for boys camp and taught , woodshop, stained-glass, silk screening and rocketry. Taught outdoor cooking.



Soy estudiante de la carrera de comunicación, he colaborado en otras asociaciones como locutora de radio, promoviendo la educacion libre de violencia en los jóvenes y con temas relacionados con la agricultura orgánica. 


Describir brevemente intereses por la comunidad. Las comunidades  son las mas vulnerables que necesitan del apoyo por parte del municipio y de todos, para lograr una ciudad con ciudadanos integrados y libre de toda discriminacion. 


¿cual es su trabajo en casa hogar corazón valiente? Mi colaboración en casa hogar corazón valiente será como gerente operativo trabajando día a día de corazon a corazón. 


¿como ve en un futuro de la casa hogar? Veo como un espacio de niñas felices, de colaboradores y voluntarios trabajando con todo el corazón y con una comunidad entregada a mejorar. 


¿cual es el mensaje para la comunidad que este interesado en aportar algo a la casa hogar? El compartir es vivir en abundancia y todos tenemos diferentes maneras de como ayudar  con lo poco o lo mucho,existirán cambios para un bien común. 

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