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My career was working  for a major communication company in the United States.  My assignments  were focused on Administration, finance, and customer service.  My responsibilities and focus were on  transparency  and providing our customers with the best products and services available.  I will take this knowledge and experiences and apply my skills to running Casa Hogar Corazon Valliente in the same manner.


My interest in San Rafael and San Miguel community is to provide a home for  children in need that  have been abandoned and neglected  by their birth parents.  I want to see these children given a second chance in life and provide them with safe housing, quality education and the best health care available.


My contribution to CHCV will be my time, energy and knowledge to provide these children with a quality of life that will change and shape their future life

I  expect CHCV in the future to become a  safe home for abandoned and neglected  girls and boys of the  San Miguel community.  The campus will overflow with  laughter and happiness and children will enjoy the best education and health care and wellbeing  that  is available.  These children will have a bright future and will break the chain of poverty that exist here in Mexico.


They say it takes a “Village to raise a child”  at CHCV it will take the SMA community, government agencies and the many citizens  of the world that vacation here in San Miguel to make our DREAM a reality.

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